About Tower Charge


It’s no secret that mobile has become an integral part of our daily lives.

A few figures….

Digital usage will reach about 6.6 hours a day by 2020, meaning your battery will be discharged several times a day. The total number of app downloads for 2019 will reach 200 billion, not to mention mobile advertising revenues that have reached 83 billion dollars, so we need battery!

The problem

A battery has a maximum number of cycles before which its autonomy will collapse. With the use of our many applications it cannot last a day or even a few hours.


Your customers shorten their visit time and give up their purchases or activities for fear of not being reached.

Our solutions…

At its beginnings Wifi was not very popular, today it is indispensable. Nowadays the recharging solution becomes over the years a standard just like Wifi. Tomorrow you will be asked by your visitors, customers, partners and employees to recharge the battery of their connected devices. All the sites hosting the public have become aware of the need and standardise our solutions in their establishments. With our experience we will be able to offer you the best recharging solution and the best advice.

I look forward to serving you or helping you out.

Build your brand by setting yourself apart from your competitors.

Increase the time spent on your site by improving the comfort of your visit.

Improve the satisfaction rate by offering an essential service free of charge.

Increase your sales by communicating about your offers with a dedicated cover.

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